How can hotels benefit from a pet-friendly policy?

Besides the benefits for pet owners who visit a pet-friendly facility, there are many benefits for the hotel itself.

To begin with, you can charge guests a pet fee.

The offer of accessories and content for pets allows you to stand out from the competition. Best of all, it can help you stay booked all year long, even out of season.

Another advantage for hoteliers who offer accommodation that accepts pets is that the policy inspires loyalty to your place.

If the guest knows that both they and the pet are well received in your hotel, this increases the possibility that they will book accommodation again.

They may even keep you in mind for their next vacation if you add a free dog leash, treat bowl, or bandana with your hotel name to the offer, which helps easy brand recognition.

If your hotel is recognized as a good place for pets, it will inspire pet owners to share their experiences with friends, family, and on social networks.

If your hotel is suitable for pets, make sure that your customers know that by highlighting information about pets and your policy on the spot and website.

Become a prominent pet-friendly location with the official mark of quality and trust guaranteed by the PTA Certificate!

Author: Marina Stancevic

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Why is it good to be pet-friendly?

Every pet owner will tell you – it’s nice to know the rules of the visit (Pet Policy) in advance and enter the room where a smile awaits you, then you know that you are really welcome!
Hotels that leave a good first impression increase their chances of gaining regular guests and earning extra money.


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